Why is life so entangled? How much time it takes to admit you are wrong?

How many roads do you need to travel before deciding onto which is the right path?

How many years to choose your line of action?

How many mistakes are to be committed before being right?

How many years of commitment are needed before accepting you were hopelessly in love with that special someone?

How many betrayals, cheats?

How many errs?

And how much love you want in your life to come out of that feeling of being cheated?

How many friends so as to convince yourself that you are not alone?

How many reasons are required to smile back?

How many split seconds are asked for to define that moment of a lifetime?

What life tried to teach is always different from what you learn.

Who is to be blamed on that account?

The life, the lesson or the person.

Signing off with so many questions whose answers are yet to be found for the life!!!!!!!


Taken from an old Blog dated 17.10.2010


Author: musaafirana

Musaafirana is the animated, glamorized journey of a small town girl- glamorized because she's Punjabi, small town because she doesn't belong to metros or tier-1 & 2 cities. She feels she's over qualified yet under-learned. She is learning, as she's getting older, that rules are made to be broken. She is bold enough to live life on her terms, and never, ever apologizes for it. She refuses to conform, takes the road never traveled (atleast in the family) and stubbornly refuses to fit in. She is a rebel, and a constant High on life.

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