Virtually Conceded!!

When I look at these walls that bind me,

The dungeons they seem, the inhibitions I see;

The bird fluttering inside the golden cage,

To this lock of matter who will hand over the key?

I collect the pebbles, the thorns and those sea shells,

The years have passed by from the times when I started drowning in these wells;

Hurt by my own prejudices, smiling onto those urchins,

Love will find its own way, the mother angel tells. 

The sky seems unreachable and so is the top of that distant mountain,

Going deep into mines, who assured there won’t be a  stain;

Lurching after that happiness, scratching those wounds,

In this run for life, I’ve forgotten me dancing in the rain.

The darkness prevailing, night shadowing, no source of light,

My eyes blurred, when will the dreamland be back in sight;

The drinks pouring in, amazed at who is unconscious,

The weird surroundings, mesmerized, when will the dulls be again Bright??


Taken from an old Blog post dated 14.10.2010


Author: musaafirana

Musaafirana is the animated, glamorized journey of a small town girl- glamorized because she's Punjabi, small town because she doesn't belong to metros or tier-1 & 2 cities. She feels she's over qualified yet under-learned. She is learning, as she's getting older, that rules are made to be broken. She is bold enough to live life on her terms, and never, ever apologizes for it. She refuses to conform, takes the road never traveled (atleast in the family) and stubbornly refuses to fit in. She is a rebel, and a constant High on life.

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