Sarcasm- real life incidents 

All of us have a friend who has a sense of humor that kills everyone else with laughter or out of disbelief. I have one such friend, A.

Instance 1:

As people who see her day-in and day-out put it : she doesn’t have a habit of answering questions, she always tend to cross-question.
So one day: On her way back home; an acquaintance and colleague simply asked her

C: when are you getting married?

A: (very calmly and peacefully) Why should I answer that?

People can respond and react to normal mockery and retaliate. But how can they respond to such a thing.

C: Generally asking!! <Poker face>

A: Yeah,  alright. But I have no reason to answer this question.


Instance 2:
We were walking right opposite to Red Fort on a Sunday before Bakrid. (Bakrid was on Monday). As expected, there were a lot of goats being traded on the road. It was difficult to even pass through; with animals + human beings crowding the entire area. With a lot of eating, we were totally stuffed and unable to walk across. We were tired too. But the friend (F) of my friend (M) totally wanted to take us to Chor Bazaar market (of course, for our shopping).

A: we’ve walked so much. This is never going to end. Let’s go back.

F: No, no. We’re almost there.

(M looks bewildered too)

After walking for few hundred metres; it finally seemed the end of the world. And when she saw no end to this road, she turned to M.

A: भाई, इनकी तो कल ईद है; तेरी तो आज ही है. जैसे यह बकरे हैं; ऐसे ही तू है.

( English:My friend, their festival is  tomorrow, yours is today. Like these are goats who are going to be slaughtered; you are similarly the one).

M thinks alike.

M:  अभी थोड़े टाइम मे, MTV बकरा वाले आ के सींग लगाएँगे हमारे

( English: in some time, MTV BAKRA guys will appear and put the set of horns on our heads).

We were laughing. We walked more but then walking through those roadside stalls; she turn towards him and exclaim:

A: आज मंदिर जाएँगे और भगवान के आगे हाथ जोड़ के धन्यवाद करूँगी, लड़का ना बनाने  के लिए.

( English: I’m going to a temple today and thank God for not making me a boy).

This was unusual so he widens his eyes.

A:  भाई, मेहनत कौन करेगा. लड़का बन के लड़की के साथ शादी करनी पड़ती और यह सब ना कर पाती मै- जगह जगह धक्के खाना.

( English: who would’ve made such an effort? I would’ve to marry a girl if I were a guy and I would’ve never been able to put up with all this- nonsensical street shopping).

M: अब पता चला, लड़की के माँ-बाप दहेज क्यों देते हैं!! क्योंकि साथ मे यह(लड़की) देते हैं

( English: Now you know the reason why a girl’s parents give dowry. Because they give such a daughter along with that!!)


Author: musaafirana

Musaafirana is the animated, glamorized journey of a small town girl- glamorized because she's Punjabi, small town because she doesn't belong to metros or tier-1 & 2 cities. She feels she's over qualified yet under-learned. She is learning, as she's getting older, that rules are made to be broken. She is bold enough to live life on her terms, and never, ever apologizes for it. She refuses to conform, takes the road never traveled (atleast in the family) and stubbornly refuses to fit in. She is a rebel, and a constant High on life.

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