Simple Steps to a Goa trip!! 

When you’ve got a bunch of awesome friends and crazy adventures: Whatever happens in Goa, stays in Goa comes to life. 

Simple pointers for your trip to Goa:

  1. Find cheap tickets. We got ours at #Paytm <thank you Paytm for you’re awesome>
  2. Find  friends. If you don’t have, make friends. Follow step 1. <Reviews are coming in a Separate post… No, not for friends but other things that involv money. >
  3. Choose a North Goa beach- there are many in South Goa (full of people), and many in North (do akkar bakkar to finalize one)
  4. Look for the hostel at various  locations. Finalize on the basis of the beach you’ve  shortlisted. (You’ll find one very close to whichever beach you put up on). Disclaimer: In case you’re rich and/ or want to spend time with only yourself or your family, pick up a beach resort.
  5. Pick 3 sets of  clothes (basically a tee and shorts and slippers), one for normal wearing, one if the first set gets wet and third if someone pukes on you after getting drunk. You may like to keep a formal set in case you wish to go to club (third set may be replaced  by  this one)
  6. Once at Goa airport/ railway station (not sure about the station though) , Take a prepaid cab for whichever area you would like to go to. Be prepared, it’s costly. ₹ 1500/- for 25-30 kms. 
  7. Carry your  Passport,most of the cool hostels take only Passport for your ID. (Reason: You cannot leave your Passport behind, in case you want to run away without paying- they got it right). 
  8.  Once in the hostel, ask for the guy who gives scooters on rent. In case you’re a bigger group, rent a jeep probably. Takes ₹200-300 a day. ₹100 a day for the fuel. Go wherever you want to. We went till Arambol from Vagator. Stay wherever you want to and probably come back another day to return your scooter. 
  9. Make sure you take Local advice of my places to check out, food to try etc
  10. In case you are planning to drink, go to a club (ladies may look out for ladies night) or find a wine shop. It’s further cheaper there than at local restaurants. 
  11.  Be careful when you opt for water sports. And negotiate for the entire package. 

Guess it covers the important pointers which one must know before travelling to Goa. For any other enquiries/  clarifications: Contact
For Goa changes who you are, 



I’m married to my grandma!!

A little girl about 5 years old, who was very fond of her grandma was once asked- how would you live when you get married? 

To which she innocently replied – But why would I get married again?  I’m married to my grandma! 

Such is love and such is a child’s reciprocation of love. Their love was an example that people would speak about- love of a grandmother and her granddaughter. 

For Ana (the granddaughter), she learnt everything from grandma. She was introduced to the concept of love, God, prayers, tastes of the world, belief by her grandma and even, Rubiks cube.

For grandma, Ana was always right; even if she called a day as night. They forgot the world in each others company and Within each other they found their world. 

Love doesn’t know the relation or the age or anything else. Make the most of it while you’re blessed with people who love you.

For the lifeline she was and will always be, 


The circle of life!!

Very early in life, I came to terms with the fact that life is a circle. And everything that happens to us, has a circular pattern as well. 

Let’s begin with the life itself: you take birth, you live, you reproduce (give birth to others), you die and (if you believe in rebirth) you’re reborn. A perfect circular pattern. 

Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Taking an example of papaya here. If you plant it’s seeds into the earth, it’ll make a plant and eventually a tree. This tree will give you fruits which has seeds and this circle continues. 

If you believe in karma: whatever you’re doing is making its way to  you. What we’re doing today has either made its way from our pasts to us or making way for the future course. If I’m good to my fellow beings, this goodness is going to travel the world and would come back to me.  If we’re hurting someone or cheating upon someone, while you’re paying back the person for his misdoing and at the same time, you’re making way for  yours.

When we meet someone in our life and connect  instantly,there was a circle with them which was pending to be completed. And when people leave our life because of death or another manner, it’s because their circle is completed with us. Dont hold onto  people,you’re getting onto another loop. 
When someone betrays us, try to accept their circle with us has completed. If you keep cribbing about it, you’re not letting this circle get completed while there are more circles hanging around. 

Such simple is life- people enter our lives to complete both their and our circles with  them. And they leave once those circles are completed. And we, as humans, find it difficult to believe that detachment was a process of this living. Life has to go a complete way and we need to hop on to another circle to keep it  going. Remember those circus days from  childhood:you’re up in the air and the only way to come down is to complete/ come out of the loops that you are entangled in. 

Keep it simple because it’s one life. Complexity makes it difficult.

Attempting to  simplify,


A Delusion!!

I’m dreaming of something,


that is,

may be,

just impossible.
Running after it,

Chasing it,

I did not look,

At Broken Hearts,

or may be Surprises.
I was busy,


for the guy,

who would come,


he would bring.
I did not realize,


he might be waiting,

as well,
for his happiness,

for his girl,

for his dream!!!!

Taken from an old Blog Post: Delusion Friday 22 Oct 2010

Erotus- it’s unique!!

There is this fragrance that brings inside you a sensation, it makes you feel that thrill.

Its not your fault. No money can buy that smell of your lifetime. Nobody can give you that happiness as that scent. No one but that one particular person or thing could make you feel so good.

And you love it beyond everything. There is this one word which makes you dance beautifully on that tune which plays in your ears. That voice is such that you want to hear it again and again. Praying that somebody puts it on an infinite loop and you can keep hearing that forever.

It can be a rumble, can be the chirping of a bird, can be a tune or anything or it can be a person calling your name or your nickname. There is this touch that is just nothing but memorable. Once in a lifetime types. The touch makes you feel the safest on this earth, tells you that you are never alone. Assuring you that nobody can harm you, nothing can ever scare you. You are sure you will never fall.

There is this moment, the most special moment of your life which you can not forget, the moment which takes your breath away just to tell you are still alive, living the most beautiful times.

Those moments steal every part of your life to give it the colors of the rainbow. The sky is not just blue. The clouds form shapes that only a word like bizarre can put forward.

And there is this one person who makes a difference in your life, to leave it completely different; like never before. And you are left hypnotized by what happens. Sometimes unexplained or explained but the variations that occur henceforth are beyond one’s control. And everything just goes as haphazard. You know everything but you cant speak out. And then as they say, its not a big deal!!!!

Taken from an old Blog Post: Erotus- it’s unique!! 12.10.2010 Tuesday

Aug 31

Day 2:
Lesson- Smile and laugh; it makes people wonder about the The secret behind it.

Where it came from: I’m generally chirpy and running around, most of the time- whether in office space or anywhere else (except if it’s a totally unfamiliar location). Because I left very late last night (after 9 pm), I was late for office this morning and reached at 11. By that time, one of the distributor, a colleague and my superior were all in the same room. I was moving around-  confident, smiling and  talking (I was loud today).  The distributor pointed out if I ate something different today. Another on the phone with my boss spoke to me to know the reason- if I’ve sold too much this month. There was no secret- I was happy inside and it reflected on my face and in my body language. When you are happy, people are intrigued if there’s something they aren’t aware of. But more than for people, it’s for you – you emit positivity and it brings more positive things around you.

MHQ (My Happiness Quotient)- Aug 31st is my best friend’s Birthday. Sending her a surprise cake is my way of celebrating the day. And then it’s my mama’s Birthday as well. We’ve a family group where nobody remembered probably. I started off and that’s what have me happiness.

Spread love !

Are you ready to die?

Do you know life’s going to end one day, all of a sudden, by itself, without any warning? It won’t knock on the door or peep through window. No doorbells, no calls (whether crank or drunk). No arguments, no love-making, no briefs and no underwear (bad joke).

When I hear such cases, I get a  feeling that they should at least have a clue that the end is approaching. And then I imagine if I get to know one morning that I’m going to die in less than a minute, am I going to have any regrets about it? Honestly, no. 

I read a beautiful statement the other day which I would want to share. Pardon me for plagiarism but I don’t know the source of this statement and it’s slightly changed too. “They say when you’re about to die, your entire life flashes right in front of your eyes. And when my time comes, this flashback would be so embarrassing that I would rather want to die.” Except that I’ll have to leave my Family. Not that they are dependent on me for anything, but it’s just that I love them. I would want to be close to them and not die. 

Just last week, I had a long and exciting trip which may be termed as thought provoking because I met some beautiful people who helped me think through what I’m doing and what I would like to do. I’m still not very clear, but I’m going to spend some time thinking about it. I’ll try to make my life more peaceful, enriching and an experience worth remembering.

And then I met a colleague yesterday, who helped me think more about  it. Rohit, that’s who he is; is fiercely competitive and is at the hilt of his corporate career. Young, 34 years old probably, he’s already promoted to the position of a head. He wants more and more and that’s where he sees his  satisfaction in. I, probably am, unable to understand this thirst and hunger and want to get ahead in  life (I was exactly there 4 years back, though- and I grew out of it). I wonder if he’ll be able to remember this journey once he would be  some 60 year old corporate honcho, Managing director of an  organization. Not that I’ll be able to remember my bufoonery, but that’s mostly because it’s going to be  an overload of embarrassed stories and crazy  adventures. Every one in life has a different perspective, and it’s almost beautiful to watch our co-existence in this world. 

For me, life is all about adventure (bungee and paragliding, that’s how I see it with my little eyes), fooling around (a drunk call, Random plans to travel), excitement (of being at a new place, meeting friends) and mostly about being with family. Tomorrow shouldn’t be regretful, because, There’s no tomorrow. 

Start living whichever way you like to, my friends. 

With lots of energetic love (bundle of energy wishing you)