Erotus- it’s unique!!

There is this fragrance that brings inside you a sensation, it makes you feel that thrill. 

Its not your fault. No money can buy that smell of your lifetime. Nobody can give you that happiness as that scent. No one but that one particular person or thing could make you feel so good. 

And you love it beyond everything. There is this one word which makes you dance beautifully on that tune which plays in your ears. That voice is such that you want to hear it again and again. Praying that somebody puts it on an infinite loop and you can keep hearing that forever. 

It can be a rumble, can be the chirping of a bird, can be a tune or anything or it can be a person calling your name or your nickname. There is this touch that is just nothing but memorable. Once in a lifetime types. The touch makes you feel the safest on this earth, tells you that you are never alone. Assuring you that nobody can harm you, nothing can ever scare you. You are sure you will never fall. 

There is this moment, the most special moment of your life which you can not forget, the moment which takes your breath away just to tell you are still alive, living the most beautiful times. 

Those moments steal every part of your life to give it the colors of the rainbow. The sky is not just blue. The clouds form shapes that only a word like bizarre can put forward. 

And there is this one person who makes a difference in your life, to leave it completely different; like never before. And you are left hypnotized by what happens. Sometimes unexplained or explained but the variations that occur henceforth are beyond one’s control. And everything just goes as haphazard. You know everything but you cant speak out. And then as they say, its not a big deal!!!!

Taken from an old Blog Post: Erotus- it’s unique!! 12.10.2010 Tuesday


Author: musaafirana

Musaafirana is the animated, glamorized journey of a small town girl- glamorized because she's Punjabi, small town because she doesn't belong to metros or tier-1 & 2 cities. She feels she's over qualified yet under-learned. She is learning, as she's getting older, that rules are made to be broken. She is bold enough to live life on her terms, and never, ever apologizes for it. She refuses to conform, takes the road never traveled (atleast in the family) and stubbornly refuses to fit in. She is a rebel, and a constant High on life.

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