If we were clear as water!!

When the Mind is unclear of the next step to be taken, sit back and take a deep breath. You cannot change life in a second.


We grow up believing that education makes us capable; professional education goes a bit further to make us capable of earning money too. However, It takes people a long time to understand that education actually helps us to achieve clarity of thought. An illiterate person might not be able to make informed decisions which the literate ones are supposed to master upon like the back of their hands. It is rightly expected from us to be well-versed with the complications of any opportunity that we lay our hands upon. Not just that, we must also be able to guide others who fall in the trap of weighing options. 

And one day, like the fellow human beings- we have doubts, questions, unclear expressions. We feel alienated thinking it is happening only with us. I’m probably the only one, in my entire circle of people I’ve ever known, who’s unclear about life. What should be my next step, what move to make, who can be my confidante, who can I take help from, who to confide in, what career path to follow, who is the right person to be my partner and other plethora of questions which may haunt us. These are all valid questions and they might not always have straight to-the-point answers. 

It is ok to be confused and lack clear vision. Do you think Narendra Modi government was clear on 8th Nov. when they banned the currency? Did they think through all the nuances which would come through with this step? Did they know of all the complications that a common man would face? For those of you think the answer is yes; would it be possible for you to explain the daily changing rules that came every next day? Take a deep breath and comfort yourself with the fact that the government that runs the country of 1.33 billion people was confused. The government has a panel of experts, economists, law makers, and access to who’s-who of the world. 

It is absolutely normal for you and me to be confused. Alanis Morissette rightly said: ” We’re taught to be ashamed of confusion, anger, fear and sadness, and to me they’re of equal value to happiness, excitement and inspiration”. It is OK to be trying to find the path because it is only when we are lost that we look for a new light. What can be helpful is that we make a move, we take a step, we steer ahead and not let the clouds of confusion engulf upon us, ever. That we let the things holding us back go and we take a small baby step to figure out our answers. 

“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”

— Albert Schweitzer

I’m married to my grandma!!

A little girl about 5 years old, who was very fond of her grandma was once asked- how would you live when you get married? 

To which she innocently replied – But why would I get married again?  I’m married to my grandma! 

Such is love and such is a child’s reciprocation of love. Their love was an example that people would speak about- love of a grandmother and her granddaughter. 

For Ana (the granddaughter), she learnt everything from grandma. She was introduced to the concept of love, God, prayers, tastes of the world, belief by her grandma and even, Rubiks cube.

For grandma, Ana was always right; even if she called a day as night. They forgot the world in each others company and Within each other they found their world. 

Love doesn’t know the relation or the age or anything else. Make the most of it while you’re blessed with people who love you.

For the lifeline she was and will always be, 


Are you ready to die?

Do you know life’s going to end one day, all of a sudden, by itself, without any warning? It won’t knock on the door or peep through window. No doorbells, no calls (whether crank or drunk). No arguments, no love-making, no briefs and no underwear (bad joke).

When I hear such cases, I get a  feeling that they should at least have a clue that the end is approaching. And then I imagine if I get to know one morning that I’m going to die in less than a minute, am I going to have any regrets about it? Honestly, no. 

I read a beautiful statement the other day which I would want to share. Pardon me for plagiarism but I don’t know the source of this statement and it’s slightly changed too. “They say when you’re about to die, your entire life flashes right in front of your eyes. And when my time comes, this flashback would be so embarrassing that I would rather want to die.” Except that I’ll have to leave my Family. Not that they are dependent on me for anything, but it’s just that I love them. I would want to be close to them and not die. 

Just last week, I had a long and exciting trip which may be termed as thought provoking because I met some beautiful people who helped me think through what I’m doing and what I would like to do. I’m still not very clear, but I’m going to spend some time thinking about it. I’ll try to make my life more peaceful, enriching and an experience worth remembering.

And then I met a colleague yesterday, who helped me think more about  it. Rohit, that’s who he is; is fiercely competitive and is at the hilt of his corporate career. Young, 34 years old probably, he’s already promoted to the position of a head. He wants more and more and that’s where he sees his  satisfaction in. I, probably am, unable to understand this thirst and hunger and want to get ahead in  life (I was exactly there 4 years back, though- and I grew out of it). I wonder if he’ll be able to remember this journey once he would be  some 60 year old corporate honcho, Managing director of an  organization. Not that I’ll be able to remember my bufoonery, but that’s mostly because it’s going to be  an overload of embarrassed stories and crazy  adventures. Every one in life has a different perspective, and it’s almost beautiful to watch our co-existence in this world. 

For me, life is all about adventure (bungee and paragliding, that’s how I see it with my little eyes), fooling around (a drunk call, Random plans to travel), excitement (of being at a new place, meeting friends) and mostly about being with family. Tomorrow shouldn’t be regretful, because, There’s no tomorrow. 

Start living whichever way you like to, my friends. 

With lots of energetic love (bundle of energy wishing you) 


I regret I died!!

If I had few more years, what would I not do to see the wedding of my son?
I remember that, right in front of my eyes, I saw it all!!
I was a chain smoker once, but that was when I was young.
I would smoke up cigarettes, and light up those evenings with my liveliness.
I would write and then I penned a book, but that was when I was young
Then I knew I would get an award and my name would appear in leading dailies
Everyone would cheer me up and I would smile, but that was when I was young
I would plan my retirement with my grandchildren and my wife, by my side
And I saw, all those dream shattering and hopes getting killed
On that bed in emergency, in a world where everything was white but my lungs
I saw my son running door to door, from one corridor to another
Asking explanations from doctors, wanting to know the reason
My son did not sign up for this when he grew up as that smart young man- as witty, as lively
My boy wasn’t aware what future held for him when he went to college
But then, even I didn’t know what was planned for me
For I was busy, smoking up my life and lighting up those cigarettes!!
This is based on my view of what my friend went through. Dedicated to uncle! May you RIP. 

Quora: What are some things you realize as you get older?

As I grew up to be 26 year old, I’ve realized a few things:

  • Smile at random strangers, it doesn’t kill anybody.
  • It’s OK. Seriously, everything’s OK. Live with it.
  • Breakfast is important.
  • Being happier is more important than being rich/ successful/ social/ everything else that you can imagine.
  • Don’t rush up. Just relax. There’s no hurry to die; we would reach there when it’s required.
  • Madness is fine. Nobody cares.
  • Love a lot. Talk to everyone. You would only learn. 
  • Help people. They might be needing it.
  • And, most importantly; Nobody in this world can ever be compared to your parents.

Added 2 more points to it:

  • Thank a lot. Every second of this life, howsoever it be, is a blessing.
  • Don’t struggle to remember incidents, things. It isn’t worth.

Taken from: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-things-you-realize-as-you-get-older/answer/Ana-Aggarwal?srid=26Yv&share=17739cca

My Inspiration for Blogging!!

You always know what you’re capable of. Horses are smart, elegant, classy creatures. And I know I could never be a horse. I wish I could be a donkey- only because, they’re hard-working. Instead I turned out to be an ass, a whole lot lazy ass.

For instance, I started writing “bachpan me”. It’s still childhood, the difference in just the time frames. And it then translates to bachpan wala bachpan, chotte hone wala bachpan, school wala bachpan, boards wala bachpan, grads wala bachpan, IIM wala bachpan, job ki beginning wala bachpan, recent wala bachpan. And I’ve been writing on and off with all those scribbled pages forever lying around me. Nevertheless, I’m never going to let this bachpan go anywhere and it’s going to stay for-EVER. Just a disclaimer: I’m sorry, but when you ask me to be serious, promise me what will you get me in exchange of that. I can consider if it’s worth and in case you’re sure it isn’t, don’t pester me.

Well, coming back to the story of blog, I keep going for adventures, no; don’t take me to be an adventure-freak; I don’t go for adventures. I just go places, and I don’t know how and why, but God likes to place me in such stands that it turns out to be adventurous. And during the month of May, this adventure lasted over a week. That’s when the lightning struck me (not literally but, figuratively). More examples of such craziness has been that in a span of 22 days, I’ve travelled to Punjab-Chandigarh-Jammu-Delhi-Kolkata-Gangasagar-Mumbai-Chennai-Vellore-Tirupati. In another span of 15 days, it was Punjab- Chandigarh-Mumbai-Shirdi-Shani Shignapur-Delhi-Bhubaneshwar-Jajpur-Jammu. And when I travel to such places, I have a knack of cutting the crap and putting myself into it. I’ve a life full of coping up with such moments of embarrassment, societal (dis)harmony, help(less)full people and hapless “marmade” in disguise.

And that’s exactly when I also helped myself realize that God has blessed me with an awfullysome memory which helps me wade away all these experiences and moments. I’m like a blank slate every morning of getting up. After losing it (p)out for 27 long years, (alright 7 days in excess of it): I thought I should’ve diary. Because I can easily misplace a physical diary, alright I can also lose passwords equally at ease, I realized a page should summarize it when I have my grandkids one day. Those grandkids are surely going to be much more sober and embarrassed about their grandma than I would ever be, about my ownself.

“You get old and you realize there are no answers, just STORIES”. – Garrison Keiller. And hold on, I’m just going to write this story, before some else writes a (posthumous) biography of a girl that LIVED.

Happy Living, Happy Loving