When Love knocked the doors!!

Krit and Ananya never thought how life would span out to be!! But that’s life- unpredictable, yet happening right in front of our lives.

Krit and Ananya were inseparable. Despite growing up in different households, they never really missed each other. All they had to do was to put their head out of the balcony, and there was their partner in crime. Not just their houses shared the wall, they shared their lives both literally and figuratively. Their teachers called them out as Krit-Ananya, their friends had to search for either one and even their college bus had to wait for just one of the two. The “jodi-daar” would automatically be tagging along. Ananya was good at Mathematics, Krit would be helping with science; Ananya would teach him tenses and vocabulary: Krit would figure out the acronyms for History chapters. Theirs was a friendship that nobody had ever witnessed.

Ananya’s mom, Sarika didn’t really appreciate this togetherness. May be it was her gut feeling or her concern for her young daughter that made her do so. Time and again, she would ask Ananya to develop a hobby or anything that was not a part of Krit-Ananya saga. She had enrolled Ananya in a painting class, during her 5th standard. When Ananya would hold the brush, she could make the canvas talk. Krit hated the sight of canvas and the colors and messed-up rooms. The only reason Ananya hated painting was because she couldn’t be with Krit while painting. And thus, Ananya’s interest was limited to completing drawing and SUPW files for both Krit-Ananya. 

College wasn’t meant to last forever: and it ended one day. Krit had already decided to go for a training to Mumbai and Ananya’s parents decided that she would train under a friend of Ananya’s dad. Their training woukd start on 1st of August and go on for 5 months. The mere thought of seeing Krit next year was traumatic for Ananya. She had no clue how to live without Krit for a single day and there he was, leaving for 1-5-3 days. She added the days, subtracted, made imaginary calculations so that she could linger on some hope of meeting him sooner. It was 27th of July that Krit left for Mumbai with teary-eyed Ananya catching attention of almost everyone present at the railway station. She wailed, gasped for breath, cried, almost howled while hugging him. Krit had put up a brave face all this while. It was only when the train moved that he jumped up on his bogie and started crying himself. The mere thought of not having this silly stupid girl by his side, pinched him right across his heart. He felt alone: in the middle of some 6-7 people sitting in the compartment- he felt lost. His comfort arm was gaping at the moving train standing at that platform. 

Once in Mumbai, Krit got busy commuting and learning and arranging for his basic necessities. The frequency of Facetime and Skype calls covered up for the 1500 kms of the distance and both of them waited for 1st of January. Krit would be busy during the day and Ananya indulged in painting a card for every day that Krit wasn’t around. She would make a story around the days happenings with both of their caricatures. Stories of their fights, stories of their collective struggle of being without each other, stories of longing for each other. She couldn’t contain her excitement of showing it all to Krit. For it was about them. About being with each other while being without each other. 

And with great difficulty passed these 153 days. Krit boarded the train after ensuring he packed all the gifts he bought for each day that he stayed away from Ananya. In the meanwhile, Ananya had made a book out of those cards. As the train was approaching the platform, their heartbeats paced and ran ahead of the big Ben hanging on the platform. Krit jumped out of the moving train only to run faster and not waste even a single second, being away from her. Ananya couldn’t contain herself and hugged him tight- to never let him go. While Krit wanted to be free of all thoughts when he was with his silly girl, she discovered a way to be with his memories even when he wasn’t around. 

Love was found- when friendship had gone away on a holiday.

Check out this story on Sweek!! https://web.sweek.com/#/story/Bm8CBwkDCwMAAQEKbAEB

Life is fragile!!

Is life a never-ending concept?

We must rather fear life than fearing death. When we go back to any of the Hindu scriptures or documents, all of those mention death as the ultimate reality. Following the course of last few days around me and listening to the discourse arising out of it; I realised life is unpredictable. We plan till infinity only to find that life itself has finite plans. That’s finite is undefined though. 

We must do good, relentlesssly towards ourselves and our fellow human beings. With this uncertainty; it states; do good till you have a chance. You are clueless when suddenly the game will be paused by the The Force. When you’re aggravated or upset or dejected, make yourself understand- this is all temporary and would never last long. Death is going to knock the door one day and wouldn’t even give you a chance to peek or shut the door on the face of it. We, all of us, will have to embrace death, without a second thought. 

A recent incident planted in me another thought that Life is Fragile too. It is so fragile that while we keep it safe and secure most of the time, we aren’t sure if it would break all by itself or any other external force. This force or pressure many a times would be even beyond our control. Life is delicate and not only you must take care of it, but you must look after to protect the lives of those around you. A crack or a bruise which isn’t superficial will break/ shatter it beyond repair. 

The thoughts are scary, yet, can never be learnt from someone else’s experiences. And once you witness this phenomenon, there’s no going back. 

Peace be onto the world,


Soulmate- who’s the One? 

I looked for the word “Soulmate” in my phone without an expectation. And there in front of me was a mail sent out to Geetanjali dated 6th Sept,’13, around three and a half years back which read: 

I read a new concept about Soulmates today.

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. 

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. 

A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…” 

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Continuing with this mail- You don’t really feel their presence , in a way which is meant to be, when they enter your life. You don’t realise what they hold for you. You may even have no clue if they’re going to be one of the most important people you were to meet in your life. You might avoid them, love them or even hate them in the first go: for you’re clueless about them, just like anyone else you meet.  

I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with some of the people who I could call my Soulmates. My set of realisations after meeting my soulmate: 

  • I am one person who’s lived with their ego and have been proud of themselves. I realised how small and petty I am. I’ve felt small in their presence: with them being just one person; there might be so many others of the kind
  • Knowing your work well and being in love with whichever work you’re doing is of paramount importance 
  • Life has been easy on me- touchwood and I’m grateful for it. People have such stories and journeys which may be unimaginably tough and life changing 
  • Good times bring a lot of relatives and friends- not necessarily your true companions
  • People who stand with you in your testing times may be entirely different from the ones who you look up to today
  • I realised the superficiality in terms of knowledge and education I’ve been living with
  • There’s so much to learn and so many avenues to grow around 
  • I have my own insecurities to work about and transform myself into a better person  
  • Inspiration to take responsibility of my life and my surroundings 

And I’ve no qualms in confessing the frustration it built in me- I looked for help, desperately. Without an iota of solace, I headed out in all the directions only to find my closures within. I struggled, I asked for suggestions, but this wasn’t something I could ignore and move on with. I just couldn’t be the person I was before meeting them- I had to change. I’ve started off this journey of helping myself in ways beyond my expectations. I’ve done things I never believed I could and I’m wanting to do many more. 

People I thought have been my soulmates have left but I wouldn’t forget the lessons they left behind; those are worth pursuing. So, Be grateful to people who come into your life to change it once and for all. Don’t ask them to stay back- their purpose was very different than normal walk-ins and walk-outs. Believe in them and more importantly, believe in yourself. 

With lots of love and Best Wishes, 


बचपन का सच 

जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
अच्छा ना लगता था जब खाना मुझे, मुंह से बाहर फ़ेंक देती थी
अब स्वाद लिए बिना खा कर, “अच्छा ही बना है” कह देती हूँ

क्योंकि जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
कोई मन को ना भाता था, तो मुंह सिकोड़ के मोड़ लेती थी
अब कमरे में सामने बैठ कर बात करती हूँ और मुस्कुरा भी देती हूँ

क्योंकि जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
जब लगता था कोई अच्छा, तो दौड़ के गोद में बैठ जाती थी
अब प्यार भी मन में दबा लेती हूँ, चुप ही रह जाती हूँ

क्योंकि जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
जब समझाता था कोई दुनिया भर की बातें, एक कान से सुन कर दूसरे से निकाल देती थी
अब सुनती हूँ, पूछती हूँ, और दुनियादारी समझ के अक्सर मान भी जाती हूँ

क्योंकि जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
दर्द होता था जब कहीं मुझे, रो देती थी और माँ को पुकार लेती थी
अब आंसू पोंछ लेती हूँ और अपने काम में ध्यान लगा लेती हूँ

क्योंकि जब मैं बच्ची थी तब मैं सच्ची थी
अब बड़ी जो हो गयी हूँ तो मौके सा बर्ताव करती हूँ

Simple Steps to a Goa trip!! 

When you’ve got a bunch of awesome friends and crazy adventures: Whatever happens in Goa, stays in Goa comes to life. 

Simple pointers for your trip to Goa:

  1. Find cheap tickets. We got ours at #Paytm <thank you Paytm for you’re awesome>
  2. Find  friends. If you don’t have, make friends. Follow step 1. <Reviews are coming in a Separate post… No, not for friends but other things that involv money. >
  3. Choose a North Goa beach- there are many in South Goa (full of people), and many in North (do akkar bakkar to finalize one)
  4. Look for the hostel at various  locations. Finalize on the basis of the beach you’ve  shortlisted. (You’ll find one very close to whichever beach you put up on). Disclaimer: In case you’re rich and/ or want to spend time with only yourself or your family, pick up a beach resort.
  5. Pick 3 sets of  clothes (basically a tee and shorts and slippers), one for normal wearing, one if the first set gets wet and third if someone pukes on you after getting drunk. You may like to keep a formal set in case you wish to go to club (third set may be replaced  by  this one)
  6. Once at Goa airport/ railway station (not sure about the station though) , Take a prepaid cab for whichever area you would like to go to. Be prepared, it’s costly. ₹ 1500/- for 25-30 kms. 
  7. Carry your  Passport,most of the cool hostels take only Passport for your ID. (Reason: You cannot leave your Passport behind, in case you want to run away without paying- they got it right). 
  8.  Once in the hostel, ask for the guy who gives scooters on rent. In case you’re a bigger group, rent a jeep probably. Takes ₹200-300 a day. ₹100 a day for the fuel. Go wherever you want to. We went till Arambol from Vagator. Stay wherever you want to and probably come back another day to return your scooter. 
  9. Make sure you take Local advice of my places to check out, food to try etc
  10. In case you are planning to drink, go to a club (ladies may look out for ladies night) or find a wine shop. It’s further cheaper there than at local restaurants. 
  11.  Be careful when you opt for water sports. And negotiate for the entire package. 

Guess it covers the important pointers which one must know before travelling to Goa. For any other enquiries/  clarifications: Contact
For Goa changes who you are, 


I’m married to my grandma!!

A little girl about 5 years old, who was very fond of her grandma was once asked- how would you live when you get married? 

To which she innocently replied – But why would I get married again?  I’m married to my grandma! 

Such is love and such is a child’s reciprocation of love. Their love was an example that people would speak about- love of a grandmother and her granddaughter. 

For Ana (the granddaughter), she learnt everything from grandma. She was introduced to the concept of love, God, prayers, tastes of the world, belief by her grandma and even, Rubiks cube.

For grandma, Ana was always right; even if she called a day as night. They forgot the world in each others company and Within each other they found their world. 

Love doesn’t know the relation or the age or anything else. Make the most of it while you’re blessed with people who love you.

For the lifeline she was and will always be, 


The circle of life!!

Very early in life, I came to terms with the fact that life is a circle. And everything that happens to us, has a circular pattern as well. 

Let’s begin with the life itself: you take birth, you live, you reproduce (give birth to others), you die and (if you believe in rebirth) you’re reborn. A perfect circular pattern. 

Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Taking an example of papaya here. If you plant it’s seeds into the earth, it’ll make a plant and eventually a tree. This tree will give you fruits which has seeds and this circle continues. 

If you believe in karma: whatever you’re doing is making its way to  you. What we’re doing today has either made its way from our pasts to us or making way for the future course. If I’m good to my fellow beings, this goodness is going to travel the world and would come back to me.  If we’re hurting someone or cheating upon someone, while you’re paying back the person for his misdoing and at the same time, you’re making way for  yours.

When we meet someone in our life and connect  instantly,there was a circle with them which was pending to be completed. And when people leave our life because of death or another manner, it’s because their circle is completed with us. Dont hold onto  people,you’re getting onto another loop. 
When someone betrays us, try to accept their circle with us has completed. If you keep cribbing about it, you’re not letting this circle get completed while there are more circles hanging around. 

Such simple is life- people enter our lives to complete both their and our circles with  them. And they leave once those circles are completed. And we, as humans, find it difficult to believe that detachment was a process of this living. Life has to go a complete way and we need to hop on to another circle to keep it  going. Remember those circus days from  childhood:you’re up in the air and the only way to come down is to complete/ come out of the loops that you are entangled in. 

Keep it simple because it’s one life. Complexity makes it difficult.

Attempting to  simplify,