मेरे जज़्बात- कुछ अल्फ़ाज़

कुछ लफ़्ज़ों में लिख लिया करता हूँ, जब तेरी याद आती है

अपने आँसू खुद ही पोंछ लिया करता हूँ, जब तेरी याद आती है

I write a few words, when I remember you
I wipe my own tears, when I remember you

मैं अक्सर जज़्बाती हो जाया करता हूँ 

तेरा ज़िक्र मुझे मेरी तन्हाई की याद दिला जाता है 

लम्हे, अक्सर तेरी कुछ बातें मेरे ज़ेहन में कौंधती रहती हैं 

इशारे, तेरी छुअन, तेरी हथेलियों की नमी 

सब भाग के आ जाती हैं 

और बैठ जाती हैं मेरी पुरानी कुर्सी के साथ, 

नहीं तो पलंग पर रखे सफ़ेद सिरहाने के पास 

कभी कहीं कोई तस्वीर तेरी, धकेल देती है मुझे 


कभी बहुत दूर 

तेरी मुस्कराहट, होठों की लाली, तेरी एक लट 

और घुंघराले बालों की भीनी भीनी खुशबू 

एक जादू सा है या एक नशा है अपने आप में 

वक़्त ये सच है या वो एक सपना था, पूछता हूँ खुद से 

जिस चाँद की रोशनी में तुझे ताका करता था 

वो भी अजनबियों जैसा बर्ताव करती है 

या तो सब वैसा ही है 

बस मैं ही बदला हूँ शायद 

जो मैं अक्सर जज़्बाती हो जाया करता हूँ 

इन छोटी छोटी बातों को ले कर!!!

मेरा जूनून 

मेरी ज़िद समझ लो या मेरी बेअदबी,
मैंने हर बात ही जूनून में की है!!
फिर चाहे वो इश्क़ था या थी ढिठाई मेरी,
मैंने हर बात ही जूनून में की है!!

मुझमें जूनून था 

जूनून था पाने का 

अपनी कामयाबी का 

अपनी काबिलियत का 

जब सब खो दिया तो समझ आया जूनून ही गलत था मेरा 

मुझमें जूनून था

जूनून था बढ़ने का 

शिखर पे चढ़ने का 

आगे दौड़ने का 

क़दम लड़खड़ाए तो पाया जूनून ही गलत था मेरा 

मुझमें जूनून था 

जूनून था इश्क़ का 

तेरी मोहब्बत का

तेरी सोहबत का 

तेरी बेवफाई ने बताया जूनून ही गलत था मेरा 

मुझमें जूनून था 

जूनून था कुछ करने का और कुछ ना करने का 

गलत से लड़ने का और सच के लिए अड़ने का 

मुसीबत में हसने का और ख़ुशी के रोने का 

फ़रेब की सच्चाईओं ने बताया जूनून ही गलत था मेरा 

We carry a world with us!!

Who you are, I will be. Whosoever I am, you already are.

We are a mix and match of our circumstances and our surroundings. An assorted platter of nuggets from people around us, with garnishing of our childhood lying beautifully over the fine plate. Coming across people in our day to day lives, we pick a few characteristics of each one of them- which may happen knowingly or unknowingly. It’s isn’t always a controlled action & reaction- until we’re self-aware to choose what we may like to have for ourselves. 

Every single day is an evolution in the life cycle of any human being. With every conversation we have, we become a little more intelligent and knowledgable than we were in the previous instant. Each day we’re an iota better than the previous day. 

Not only we need to surround ourselves with people who we admire- to gain from their company, to learn things we admire them for. It is commonly said that were a clear reflection of the five people we spend our time with. We need to evaluate which are the five people we want to look like- in terms of habits, character and outlook. In case we realise we need to change ourselves- we also need to change our company for an effective transformation. 

Apart from identification of the right mix of people, We also need to be grateful to each of those around us- for they make us what we would be tomorrow. Gratitude would bring abundance and thus grant us more. 

A lot to learn and heaps to be thankful for, 


What am I looking for? 

A requirement or a compulsion

I’m reading a book today (which is rare considering my concentration as well as patience levels). Just like everyone else, I have a mobile, a smartphone- rather an over smart phone. Keeping the discussion about my phone for some other day, We would rather talk about my reactions rather in this post. With no social networking apps except Quora and Watsapp installed on my phone per se, it is mostly a congestion free screen that exists on the oversmart phone. 

It’s a Sunday evening and I’m in the train, travelling back home from a 3-day trip. Nobody’s calling, there are no watsapp pings, no messages and absolutely nothing which pops up on my screen except a shopping website telling me what the user would love and what the user would not want to miss upon every now and then. There’s another music app which wants the user to bounce on the latest music playlist they’ve curated for me. 
I press the centre button, open Watsapp and there are no messages. Disappointment, even though everyone was clear with no pings on the screen. I can feel disappointed, despite knowing there’s not going to be any Djinn discovery. I open the browser and refresh the Facebook timeline, no notifications there. Next comes Quora and after going through a few answers on the latest newsfeed, I press the power button to switch off my screen and go back to my book. And this process is repeated, again, and again, after every 10-15 minutes. The entire activity takes a good over 5 minutes, every single time effectively- 20 mins every hour. 

There’s nobody who’s call is expected, there’s no one waiting for me beyond reasons, there’s no pressing need that requires my immediate attention. And I still feel the anxiety of not having a notification, not even a single notification. Is mobile an addiction or is it out of a compulsion I’m doing this? With being as clueless about what I’m looking for in my mobile phone or probably my life, there’s, for sure, something that is being searched and nobody knows what it is and/or where it is? For sure, it is adding up to the anxiety levels and is totally unhealthy. 

Trying to breakthrough the monotony of mobile, 


If we were clear as water!!

When the Mind is unclear of the next step to be taken, sit back and take a deep breath. You cannot change life in a second.

We grow up believing that education makes us capable; professional education goes a bit further to make us capable of earning money too. However, It takes people a long time to understand that education actually helps us to achieve clarity of thought. An illiterate person might not be able to make informed decisions which the literate ones are supposed to master upon like the back of their hands. It is rightly expected from us to be well-versed with the complications of any opportunity that we lay our hands upon. Not just that, we must also be able to guide others who fall in the trap of weighing options. 

And one day, like the fellow human beings- we have doubts, questions, unclear expressions. We feel alienated thinking it is happening only with us. I’m probably the only one, in my entire circle of people I’ve ever known, who’s unclear about life. What should be my next step, what move to make, who can be my confidante, who can I take help from, who to confide in, what career path to follow, who is the right person to be my partner and other plethora of questions which may haunt us. These are all valid questions and they might not always have straight to-the-point answers. 

It is ok to be confused and lack clear vision. Do you think Narendra Modi government was clear on 8th Nov. when they banned the currency? Did they think through all the nuances which would come through with this step? Did they know of all the complications that a common man would face? For those of you think the answer is yes; would it be possible for you to explain the daily changing rules that came every next day? Take a deep breath and comfort yourself with the fact that the government that runs the country of 1.33 billion people was confused. The government has a panel of experts, economists, law makers, and access to who’s-who of the world. 

It is absolutely normal for you and me to be confused. Alanis Morissette rightly said: ” We’re taught to be ashamed of confusion, anger, fear and sadness, and to me they’re of equal value to happiness, excitement and inspiration”. It is OK to be trying to find the path because it is only when we are lost that we look for a new light. What can be helpful is that we make a move, we take a step, we steer ahead and not let the clouds of confusion engulf upon us, ever. That we let the things holding us back go and we take a small baby step to figure out our answers. 

“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”

— Albert Schweitzer

एक लम्हा या फिर एक अरसा 

अंतर जीवन के एक लम्हे का दूसरे लम्हे से- अंतराल एक लम्हे से ज़्यादा का

ज़िन्दगी दौड़ती एक पटरी पर सालों से 

बदल गयी चाल उसकी जब एक लम्हे में

जादू ने बदल दिए चेहरे और उनके नक़ाब 

कोयले से हुए हीरे और मिट्टी से रकाब

एक लम्हा जो था यहाँ वो रहा ना आस पास 

जीती जाती ज़िन्दगी और अब रही ना बाकि एक सांस

एक लम्हा था सूरज आसमान में चढ़ता हुआ 

और उधर चाँद पूर्णिमा की और बढ़ता हुआ 

एक लम्हा ज़िन्दगी खुशियों को परवान हुई 

वहीँ आँगन में किलकारियाँ वीरान हुई

एक लम्हा जो एकटक देख रहे थे उसकी ओर 

वही आँखें खोज रही भरी दुनिया में अपना छोर 

एक लम्हा था सपने छू रहे थे आसमानों के शिखर 

टूटा हौंसला तो रेत के आशियाँ गए मिट्टी में बिखर 

ना था एक लम्हा जो था दुनिया बदल देने वाला 

सफर था यह लंबा, था लंबा उसका क़ाफ़िला 

The Punjabipana- Art and culture of being a Punjabi

I’m proud of being a Punjabi as much as I’m proud of being my own self.

  • We’re a Happy lot- there need not be reasons. We like to be Happy. We love jokes- mostly on us and those around us.
  • We love to laugh- smile is too sober. We laugh heartily, with sound effects and all the muscles/bones- starting from our face to our ribs to our tummy- every part is involved.
  • We love food- our food, your food, any food. Ours is still the favourite. We think about food every morning and it goes that way, till the time we sleep. We sometimes may even dream about food and get up craving for it. We can travel places for the love of food and walk miles to grab on our favourite; we’re extremely touchy/ emotional We about food.
  • We’re a warm lot- all the world for us is our own. We make everyone feel at home when they’re with us. It’s a part of our nature.
  • We’re super cool- our parents are cooler, our grandparents are the coolest. All our friends love our grandparents. Beeji, jhayiji, waddema (grandma) is the favourite.
  • We respect everyone- Ji after haan/ na is a compulsory. Even after the names that we address. Gupta Ji, Sharma ji. That’s our way of extending respect to everyone. If someone says Haan/ Nahi without a Ji, that’s disrespectful and offensive.
  • We’re loud- we talk loud. I still don’t know how to talk softly on a phone that the other person in the room doesn’t figure it out. Just won’t happen.
  • We love colours- loud colours are OK. Subtle colours may be considered bland or colourless.
  • We love everyone that is not subtle- in food, we love spices. In colours, we love bright.
  • We’re carefree- we don’t make worrying a daily necessity. Sanu ki (how does it matter to us) is the question and that’s how we have the capability of ending any chapter.
  • We love to enjoy life- we understand it’s a small life and not going to last forever. We don’t make a fuss out of small things,
  • We pray for each one who exists when we say Sarbhat da bhala (wish for good for every living soul).
  • We are sorted- for any set of problems that disturb us; the simple solution is “Saanu ki“- how does it matter to us?

Taken from: https://www.quora.com/Why-are-Punjabis-so-proud-of-being-Punjabi/answer/Ana-Aggarwal?srid=26Yv&share=639099e8

Keep Rocking the world,