60 days!!

Ever since I was a child, I heard that it takes 21 days to make a habit. But I feel bad about being the person I am- I’m lazy, I procrastinate and to make the things worse- I don’t do anything about it.

As I opened my WordPress app today, I saw its been 60 days that I last wrote something. This is unhealthy. Yes, and it’s mostly My laziness. Things that kept me busy all this while have no basis; but all I can do right now is to jot those down and make myself realize that I can do better: 

  • Stress for Mumbai visit (needs another post to explain my current relationship with Mumbai) 
  • Pending work at office ( a forever phenomenon) 
  • Shopping for diwali (important  festival)
  • Bhaidooj shopping (another big festival for us ;)) 
  • Procrastinating 
  • And being unwell post diwali (pollution hurts) 

I want to be more responsible for my words and for myself and about the money (demonstration post coming- it’s the new topic of discussion  nonetheless)

Hating people!!

Hate is a strong word. A very strong word. And I refrain from it. I always claim that I don’t hate people,places or things. I may tend to dislike them, if it’s an extreme. 

Not that I haven’t met eve-teasers, people who’ve touched me inappropriately (on the road, in the buses).

Not that I haven’t met people who broke my heart, who for their selfish interest decided to stomp the silly thing- right under their shoe. I seem to have given a lot of people, a lot of chances. 

Not that I’ve never been wronged- by friends, relatives or acquaintances. 

I’m grateful that I’ve picked myself up and have moved on from hating people. I’ve stopped disliking them either- (except for a few moments of immediate reaction). I grow neutral towards them. As Lily one said in ‘How I met your Mother’- you’re dead to me!! People stop mattering at all. 

My personality is an extreme case – I’m a black and white person, 0 and 1 type. I seem to have no shades of gray in life. It’s either a yes or a no. A midway is a difficult path and I seem to be oblivious of its existence. So, I, either love people or they exist (I’m neutral). I would either have best Friends or they’re acquaintances. Either I admire my boss or boss(es) or I don’t really care too much. Same goes with Co-workers. 

Personality disorders or simple life – I don’t go around complicating my life with degrees of attachments. It’s either love or nothing. A digital system. People tell me this isn’t how is should be but then, I don’t get into such discussions. 

Stay simple (the way it suits you), because it’s only one life!!

Sunday Mornings!!

I was in Delhi for a weekend and that only means one thing for me- a food walk/trip/trail to the revered Chandni Chowk. (No doubts on why I’ve gained 10 kgs in last few days)

Before and after posts have to be different but this is only about the morning that happened. I was staying at my Best Friends place and I had already informed them about my plan of a Sunday morning food walk. Prateek had ditched me for this one and I couldn’t think of any body else to drag to Chandni Chowk. Varun is my rescue- I asked him and he readily accepted the plan. 

I Got up by 7:30 and planned ( 7:30 was early by my standards- I slept after 1 am last night)

  • Checked out the blogs etc for Places. Left a few tabs open to be checked once I’m there 
  • The idea was to start at 9 am 
  • No metro- it’s a Sunday, I’ll take Uber
  • And because it’ll only take half an hour to reach NDLS; I’ll try Uberpool (difference of hardly Rs. 20/- but for the experience)
  • Reach NDLS by 9:30-9:45 and put my luggage in the Cloak room
  • Take a cycle-rickshaw/auto rickshaw to Chandni Chowk and make it there by 10-10:15
  • Get done by 1 pm and go to Bhua’s place 

And it started off exactly like that. I sat in the cab (was wearing a red top and the cab was red too- things my Best Friend notices) and started by 9:15. Started chatting with the driver and confirming that it would only take me half an hour until he put a disclaimer about Co-passengers. And as he mentioned, he gets a call for pool. Summary of the incident- we had no clue where Vikramshila building is that the lady mentioned. Took us almost quarter of an hour (it was already 9:45 at this Point) extra to figure that out- and then we entered the IIT Delhi. 

IIT Delhi is big- and this was my first time inside the campus (probably last too- nobody is ever going to invite me to IIT). The campus plan, chilled-out kids, so many cars, such big playgrounds. The driver was looking for the building and the surroundings were enough to mesmerize me. I was soaking it in- trying to appreciate it and make up for the delay that it was causing me. From somewhere, a peacock turned up in the ground- (those really aren’t the grounds but the fields and meadows) such a beautiful scene. As we moved ahead, I thanked the cabby stating that this was my first time ever into IIT-D. We found our Co-passenger and headed out of IIT. Uber suggested that we had to drop my Co-passenger first who had to go to Kota House. We missed the building etc are small parts of this journey but as we figured out, I asked the lady sitting beside me, about Kota House. Kota House comprises of transit flats for Navy  officers. Wow, I never expected to enter this building. But some days, you are lucky and I got to go inside-out even if it was a 5-minute exercise). Aunty and I parted our ways, exchanging pleasantries. Already 10:40 am and Varun had already reached Chandni Chowk. 

And now finally I was on my way to Paharganj railway station, Thankfully. The driver told me to get down and walk, else I might get stuck in the jam and will be further delayed. The ******* dropped me a km  (almost) before the station and I had no other option but to walk because the rickshaw would charge nothing less than a hundred bucks for this- when they would spot someone with a suitcase. 

While I was super-duper late for everything that followed and upset with the cabby; there was an element of excitement in my eyes and satisfaction of being in 2 places of national importance on a Sunday morning. And that too; totally unexpected. Life happens like this and it’s more important to grab the happiness out of every moment.

Keep watching for the wonderful things, because they don’t ring a bell seeking appointment,


Quora: What are some things you realize as you get older?

As I grew up to be 26 year old, I’ve realized a few things:

  • Smile at random strangers, it doesn’t kill anybody.
  • It’s OK. Seriously, everything’s OK. Live with it.
  • Breakfast is important.
  • Being happier is more important than being rich/ successful/ social/ everything else that you can imagine.
  • Don’t rush up. Just relax. There’s no hurry to die; we would reach there when it’s required.
  • Madness is fine. Nobody cares.
  • Love a lot. Talk to everyone. You would only learn. 
  • Help people. They might be needing it.
  • And, most importantly; Nobody in this world can ever be compared to your parents.

Added 2 more points to it:

  • Thank a lot. Every second of this life, howsoever it be, is a blessing.
  • Don’t struggle to remember incidents, things. It isn’t worth.

Taken from: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-things-you-realize-as-you-get-older/answer/Ana-Aggarwal?srid=26Yv&share=17739cca

Aug 30

Day 1:

Lesson– People are going to be mean, you need to get better- only for  yourself.

Where it came from: My boss shouted (not literally but figuratively) on me- in front of the staff for selling without his information. No matter how loud I be, I still cannot take someone shouting on me. It just makes me feel bad. I walked back to my cabin, evaluated the reason. Wrote a simple mail (was totally intending to put my Satan sarcasm into it). I’m a sales manager and I need to take my boss’s permission for selling. Well, from his side, I actually get ruthless when selling. However, with the simple mail I wrote, I got the response “Good”. I needed to mend this bruise more than my boss. And I just did that. Rather than sulking and feeling bad about this scenario, I made it peaceful for myself.

MHQ (My Happiness Quotient)- It got late at office today, and I’m one person who’s “forever hungry”. When I was packing my bags to leave, with food all over mind- I see a big Apple that my mom had put in my bag, this  morning. It was enough to keep me alive and reach home without having a headache (starving makes me dizzy and I develop a headache). I wasn’t as happy with any other meal of the day as elated I was, on seeing the Apple.

Learn to learn and stay happy!!

Edited on 31st: because I wrote it as Aug 29 when it was 11 pm of Aug 30. P.S.: I forget a lot.

The daily lessons

A confession and a new step. 

I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I wanted to – for my blog. Some days, I get some thoughts and I just don’t find myself- enthusiastically and energetically dwelling upon those ideas. 

I take this opportunity to compliment my mind that still pushes me telling me to start with one-liner posts. And then I came up with this idea of writing 2 things every day- one lesson that I picked up during the course of the day and one thing that gave me some happiness or maybe, a smile. 

New format for writing the day (month & date- abc xx):  because the last used format is for daily diary entries. There’s a hidden agenda too- few years down the line- I’ll have multiple entries with the same title (just like Facebook). 

Anyday is a good day and I’m going to list down my lessons and happinesses  starting today. 

Love!! Because love is never enough and more is always merrier. 

Getting married at 27

When you get married at the age of 27, you’re basically looking at certain things in a rather fixated manner than when you’re getting married at age of 21-24 years. Perspectives change and so do people. When someone would tell me, you mature with age; I’d just laugh it off thinking “I’m never going to change”. But then, change isn’t going to ring that doorbell, Knock on the front door, wait for you in the porch or sit on the sofa till you arrive on the same page. It just comes gradually, nimble-footed, judge you and bring about a change in the character of me or you or anyone.


Now, when I look at past; I’m still the same person but I come with some ifs, some buts and definitely a bigger butt. So marriages now mean something different from just love of a bygone teenager who’s 21 years old.


It is so true (pun totally intended) when someone says girls only have one plan and that is to get married. I probably had similar things in mind ever since (rolling and smoking -lot pot), I think, I had marriage in my mind ever since I switched into that stage of puberty. You date someone, you fall in love, you adore someone; only to get married. That’s the ultimate Nirvana in the holy book of girls. Ever. Even when they are 14 or even when they’re 23. It is absolutely the same desire always (restricting the rest of the words).


When it comes to me, after seeing failed stints of some wonderful people, I’ve decided to be single in the coming months as well till my parents decide to marry me off (Indian society arranged marriage), as this is going to help me in the ways that cannot be just put on a piece of paper. I don’t have time for unimportant things and for emotional dehydration.



I’ve traveled places, exchanged books with numerous people, struggled in my own way and learnt a few lessons and it is now difficult to take this all learning away from me. So, now when I look at perspective of getting married; things I’m going to ignore and rather comparatively, things I would look at now are very different from those that would’ve captured my mind space some 5 years back  (Things that I’m going to look at- I’m still finalizing them 😉 ).



On the contrary, getting married at an early age has its own set of disadvantages and advantages:

You instantly fall in love. 

Expectations are much lower. 

Compromises and adjustments are much easier. 

You’ve no idea what you’re signing up for.
If asked, my advice would be: Do not get married before 25 because you’re still immature but do not delay it any further because you’re losing out on learning of a beautiful relation called marriage.

Best wishes for married friends and awesomeness for those waiting to be.