आलू प्याज के पराँठे

बड़ी दुकानें देख ली
कभी धनिया हरी मिर्च का अंतर था
कभी तो यहां के आलू ही खराब लगने लगते थे
कुछ तो अलग था हर बार, बार बार

बड़े लोगों से बनवा के देख लिए
कभी फ़र्क़ था जीरे का कभी नमक का
कभी लाल मिर्ची कम रह गयी कभी मसाला नहीं सही लगा
कुछ तो अंतर था हर बार, बार बार

बड़े तवे बदल लिए
कभी स्वाद कड़वा हो गया कभी रंग हल्का रह गया
कभी करारा नहीं हुआ कभी वो कच्चा रह गया
कुछ तो पृथक था हर बार, बार बार

बड़े हाथ बदल के देख लिए
कभी बेस्वाद लगते थे तो कभी अलग से लगते थे
कभी मन का वहम था कभी सच में कम था
पर कुछ तो भिन्न था हर बार, बार बार

बड़ा यत्न कर लिया
ना वो आकार आया ना ही स्वाद आया
ना वो बात बनी ना मन की तसल्ली हुई
क्योंकि कुछ कमी तो थी

बड़ा समय लग गया समझने में
वो स्वाद नहीं था जिसकी कमी खल रही थी
वो माँ का प्यार था हर आलू प्याज के परांठे में
जो मैं ढूंढ रही थी हर आटे आलू और प्याज के मिश्रण में


I’m married to my grandma!!

A little girl about 5 years old, who was very fond of her grandma was once asked- how would you live when you get married? 

To which she innocently replied – But why would I get married again?  I’m married to my grandma! 

Such is love and such is a child’s reciprocation of love. Their love was an example that people would speak about- love of a grandmother and her granddaughter. 

For Ana (the granddaughter), she learnt everything from grandma. She was introduced to the concept of love, God, prayers, tastes of the world, belief by her grandma and even, Rubiks cube.

For grandma, Ana was always right; even if she called a day as night. They forgot the world in each others company and Within each other they found their world. 

Love doesn’t know the relation or the age or anything else. Make the most of it while you’re blessed with people who love you.

For the lifeline she was and will always be, 


Are you ready to die?

Do you know life’s going to end one day, all of a sudden, by itself, without any warning? It won’t knock on the door or peep through window. No doorbells, no calls (whether crank or drunk). No arguments, no love-making, no briefs and no underwear (bad joke).

When I hear such cases, I get a  feeling that they should at least have a clue that the end is approaching. And then I imagine if I get to know one morning that I’m going to die in less than a minute, am I going to have any regrets about it? Honestly, no. 

I read a beautiful statement the other day which I would want to share. Pardon me for plagiarism but I don’t know the source of this statement and it’s slightly changed too. “They say when you’re about to die, your entire life flashes right in front of your eyes. And when my time comes, this flashback would be so embarrassing that I would rather want to die.” Except that I’ll have to leave my Family. Not that they are dependent on me for anything, but it’s just that I love them. I would want to be close to them and not die. 

Just last week, I had a long and exciting trip which may be termed as thought provoking because I met some beautiful people who helped me think through what I’m doing and what I would like to do. I’m still not very clear, but I’m going to spend some time thinking about it. I’ll try to make my life more peaceful, enriching and an experience worth remembering.

And then I met a colleague yesterday, who helped me think more about  it. Rohit, that’s who he is; is fiercely competitive and is at the hilt of his corporate career. Young, 34 years old probably, he’s already promoted to the position of a head. He wants more and more and that’s where he sees his  satisfaction in. I, probably am, unable to understand this thirst and hunger and want to get ahead in  life (I was exactly there 4 years back, though- and I grew out of it). I wonder if he’ll be able to remember this journey once he would be  some 60 year old corporate honcho, Managing director of an  organization. Not that I’ll be able to remember my bufoonery, but that’s mostly because it’s going to be  an overload of embarrassed stories and crazy  adventures. Every one in life has a different perspective, and it’s almost beautiful to watch our co-existence in this world. 

For me, life is all about adventure (bungee and paragliding, that’s how I see it with my little eyes), fooling around (a drunk call, Random plans to travel), excitement (of being at a new place, meeting friends) and mostly about being with family. Tomorrow shouldn’t be regretful, because, There’s no tomorrow. 

Start living whichever way you like to, my friends. 

With lots of energetic love (bundle of energy wishing you)