Simple Steps to a Goa trip!! 

When you’ve got a bunch of awesome friends and crazy adventures: Whatever happens in Goa, stays in Goa comes to life. 

Simple pointers for your trip to Goa:

  1. Find cheap tickets. We got ours at #Paytm <thank you Paytm for you’re awesome>
  2. Find  friends. If you don’t have, make friends. Follow step 1. <Reviews are coming in a Separate post… No, not for friends but other things that involv money. >
  3. Choose a North Goa beach- there are many in South Goa (full of people), and many in North (do akkar bakkar to finalize one)
  4. Look for the hostel at various  locations. Finalize on the basis of the beach you’ve  shortlisted. (You’ll find one very close to whichever beach you put up on). Disclaimer: In case you’re rich and/ or want to spend time with only yourself or your family, pick up a beach resort.
  5. Pick 3 sets of  clothes (basically a tee and shorts and slippers), one for normal wearing, one if the first set gets wet and third if someone pukes on you after getting drunk. You may like to keep a formal set in case you wish to go to club (third set may be replaced  by  this one)
  6. Once at Goa airport/ railway station (not sure about the station though) , Take a prepaid cab for whichever area you would like to go to. Be prepared, it’s costly. ₹ 1500/- for 25-30 kms. 
  7. Carry your  Passport,most of the cool hostels take only Passport for your ID. (Reason: You cannot leave your Passport behind, in case you want to run away without paying- they got it right). 
  8.  Once in the hostel, ask for the guy who gives scooters on rent. In case you’re a bigger group, rent a jeep probably. Takes ₹200-300 a day. ₹100 a day for the fuel. Go wherever you want to. We went till Arambol from Vagator. Stay wherever you want to and probably come back another day to return your scooter. 
  9. Make sure you take Local advice of my places to check out, food to try etc
  10. In case you are planning to drink, go to a club (ladies may look out for ladies night) or find a wine shop. It’s further cheaper there than at local restaurants. 
  11.  Be careful when you opt for water sports. And negotiate for the entire package. 

Guess it covers the important pointers which one must know before travelling to Goa. For any other enquiries/  clarifications: Contact
For Goa changes who you are,