वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे, इश्क़ समझ आये ना आये
तू क्यों है ऐसा जैसा तू है, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे

क्यों हुई मोहब्बत हमें, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

अधूरे लफ़्ज़ों के वो टूटे बंधन, बिन बोले आँखों से तेरा कुछ कह जाना 

क्या कशिश थी तेरे दीदार भर में, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

लम्हे तन्हाई के भी अच्छे लगते थे, इंतज़ार की घड़ियाँ बस यूँ ही बिता देना 

क्या नशा था वो एक लम्हे की मुलाक़ात में, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

अच्छा लगता था तुझसे बातें करना, तेरे इक इक अलफ़ाज़ पे जान निसार करना 

क्या जादू था तेरे लबों की एक मुस्कराहट में, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

जाग के रात को निहारना, सपनों में ही तुझे पा जाना 

क्या ख़ुशी थी तेरे हो जाने में, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे 

क्यों तू अच्छा लगता है, कभी वक़्त मिला तो सोचेंगे

Aug 31

Day 2:
Lesson- Smile and laugh; it makes people wonder about the The secret behind it.

Where it came from: I’m generally chirpy and running around, most of the time- whether in office space or anywhere else (except if it’s a totally unfamiliar location). Because I left very late last night (after 9 pm), I was late for office this morning and reached at 11. By that time, one of the distributor, a colleague and my superior were all in the same room. I was moving around-  confident, smiling and  talking (I was loud today).  The distributor pointed out if I ate something different today. Another on the phone with my boss spoke to me to know the reason- if I’ve sold too much this month. There was no secret- I was happy inside and it reflected on my face and in my body language. When you are happy, people are intrigued if there’s something they aren’t aware of. But more than for people, it’s for you – you emit positivity and it brings more positive things around you.

MHQ (My Happiness Quotient)- Aug 31st is my best friend’s Birthday. Sending her a surprise cake is my way of celebrating the day. And then it’s my mama’s Birthday as well. We’ve a family group where nobody remembered probably. I started off and that’s what have me happiness.

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