I regret I died!!

If I had few more years, what would I not do to see the wedding of my son?
I remember that, right in front of my eyes, I saw it all!!
I was a chain smoker once, but that was when I was young.
I would smoke up cigarettes, and light up those evenings with my liveliness.
I would write and then I penned a book, but that was when I was young
Then I knew I would get an award and my name would appear in leading dailies
Everyone would cheer me up and I would smile, but that was when I was young
I would plan my retirement with my grandchildren and my wife, by my side
And I saw, all those dream shattering and hopes getting killed
On that bed in emergency, in a world where everything was white but my lungs
I saw my son running door to door, from one corridor to another
Asking explanations from doctors, wanting to know the reason
My son did not sign up for this when he grew up as that smart young man- as witty, as lively
My boy wasn’t aware what future held for him when he went to college
But then, even I didn’t know what was planned for me
For I was busy, smoking up my life and lighting up those cigarettes!!
This is based on my view of what my friend went through. Dedicated to uncle! May you RIP.