Amdavad stories!! The Doors

Amdavad or Ahmedabad, is a beautiful city located on the banks of river Sabarmati. Read to know about some of the doors of the city.


DoorsOfIndia presented an opportunity to travel to Ahmedabad for a day and I was totally up for it. With the hectic timelines, I had just enough time to search before the flight and read during the flight, about the places to go to and ask people about recommendations for food. That’s all I want to know about anywhere in the world- what’s for food and where to find it?

Keeping aside the discussion for food for now, I’m going to keep this post for various doors because “doors” were the main focus of this particular visit. It was amazing to travel with the crew and the blogger who were there for work, unlike me- pretty jobless and enjoying her life.

The day started off with Sidi Saiyad Mosque:

Sidi Saiyyid was a learned man who came to Gujarat via Yemen. Built in the last year of existence of the Gujarat Sultanate, The mosque is entirely arcuated and is famous for beautifully carved ten stone latticework windows (jalis) on the side and rear arches with panels in geometrical designs.

The entrance takes us to the Sidi saiyyid ni jaali referring to the “Tree of Light” in the backdrop. This same jaali inspired the design of the logo of IIM Ahmedabad and may be seen at many shops across the city.

I had to visit the place for my own personal reasons of seeing this Tree of Light which has been so close to my heart.

The second stop was Panchkuwa gate.

146 years old and costed Rs. 11,450/- at that time, Panchkuwa gate was built for easy access to railway station. The walls around the city were eventually demolished as years passed and the city grew. These gates, however, remained a testimony to the Sultanate and the architecture of older times.

Thanks to Baba who provided us an access to the rooftop that enabled better pictures and I couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm with which he explained about the amazing food that I can find around. He mentioned that this gate also had its name from the 5 water wells around and the 5 paths it led to. Super excited to be on the camera with such a broad smile, he had his own set of questions about the shoot.

It gave me my only chance to get a selfie clicked with half of the team who were working day and night to make this campaign a hit.

We headed towards the main gate which was super crowded during the day with the marketplace set for the visitors and buzzing with vehicles and people alike. The shoot was eventually scheduled for next morning- 6 am 🙈.

This gave us a chance to head straight to the riverfront by the side of Sabarmati river covering 9 bridges. Coinciding with the visit of Japan prime minister and our very own Mr. Prime Minister, there was a flood of beautiful lights across the length of the riverfront. And it looked spectacular.

Next day at 6 in the morning, we were ready to shoot our Door in Focus “The Teen Darwaza” which has its own stories attached to it. I looked minuscule standing in front of it. The grandeur, the architecture and the history behind it are something to look forward to. It is over 600 years old and features in the logo of “Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation”.

Made with Indo-Islamic architecture to the east of Bhadra fort, it has a lamp which has been lit for as many years of its existence and an inscription that instructs that women be an equal recipient of father’s property and inheritance.

With this Shoot, ended our journey of Ahmedabad and we headed towards another city of beautiful doors. Watch the Tata Pravesh video here: The Teen Darwaza

But, there was one door which for me was an introduction to the city of Ahmedabad a decade back. And I have to mention about my new friend, Dhvani who took me around the city and the campus that I always wanted to see for myself.

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To more such travel stories (stay put: there’s food story for Ahmedabad which will be up soon)